Historique des marques

L’histoire de Nexo


NEXO’s history is punctuated by many landmark moments and breakthroughs in sound reinforcement technology, which have earned the respect of its competitors and sound engineers all over the world. Engineering achievements are recognised in a portfolio of patents for NEXO technology. Commercial achievements, such as an unprecedented 5-year run for the GEO T Series line array on Glastonbury’s famous Pyramid Stage and the record-breaking sales record of the PS Series over two decades, have ensured that the NEXO badge identifies some of the most consistent loudspeaker products on the market.

Defining professional sound in the 20th Century

1979 the company is founded in the north of Paris

1983-86 Delivery of the first IS and PC Series to the French market, and for export

1988 Acquisition of its primary supplier, CAB Industries

1991 Launch of the TS system

1993 Launch of the PS10

1994 Launch of the PS15

1996 Launch of the Alpha Series

1998 Launch of the Alpha E Series

1999 Launch of NEXO’s first digital processor

Setting new standards in the 21st Century

2000 Launch of the PS8

2001 Launch of the GEO S8

2002 Launch of the GEO T Series

2005 Enters strategic technological alliance with Yamaha Corporation

2006 Launch of the GEO D Series

2007 Launch of the GEO S12 loudspeaker, the NXAMP amplifier and the RAY Sub Series of subwoofers

2008 Yamaha Corporation completes its acquisition of NEXO


Shaping the future of professional sound

2009 Launch of enhanced R-2 versions of PS10 and PS15

2010 Launch of NS-1 prediction and simulation software

2011 Launch of 45°N-12 line monitor

2012 Launch of STM Series, and NEXO Universal Amp Rack (NUAR)

2014 Launch of GEO M Series

2015 Launch of the ID Series, and the DTD amplifier and controller